Jim McLean's work combines contemporary figurative painting with an emotional salvo of colour. His paintings are sometimes darkly meditative, frequently more fiery.
His wholly unique vision whisks figurative flavours with the powerful subliminal influence of colour, exemplified in abstract and Colour Field art.
In one recent painting Covid Bride (2020) the excitement comes not only from the relationship of the figures but the vibrations of the red and green screen of oil paint out of which the figures emerge from the depths of the canvas world.
His 2017 self portrait The Artist And His Dog was commended in the prestigious Ruth Borchard self portrait competition and now features in the Ruth Borchard Next Generation Collection, the premier contemporary collection of self portraits in the UK. 
McLean gained an MA Honours from Glasgow University, where his tutor was Professor Edwin Morgan (Scotland's first Poet Laureate) and excelled as a journalist and writer before developing his career as an artist.
Photographic portraits of the artist Alison Watt and actor Peter Capaldi - famous for his role as tv's Dr Who - feature in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London, Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and Paisley Museums. 
Shortlisted for the John Moores (2018) exhibition, other recent shows of note include Omnibus, London (2020); Flowers, London; The  Ruth Borchard self portrait exhibition, Piano Nobile Gallery, London (2017);  Not The RA at Llewellyn Alexander, London (2018); and All Can Be Frida, Shoreditch, London (2019).  In summer 2020, new work will form part of the Aberdeen Artists Society "Coming Home" exhibition.
Jim McLean is based in London and participates in the Turps Painting School.

BASED:  Scotland and London, UK.

EXHIBITED:  Glasgow, London, New York.

COLLECTIONS: The National Portrait Gallery, London. Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow. The Ruth Borchard  Next Generation Collection. Scottish Opera, Glasgow. Private collections UK and USA.

THANKS:     Scottish Arts Council.

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